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Komicx Products (Pty) Ltd (Komicx) is the holding company of the Komicx Products group of companies (Komicx Group) and has its origins dating back to 1992. Komicx believes it is a role model in the fishing industry being a medium-sized business which is largely owned by its black employees and has investments in each of the main facets of the fishing industry value chain. We are fishing rights holders, vessel owners, processing factory owners, have our own transport, have our own cold store, export our own fish as well as provide these services for other quota holders.

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About Us

we produce high quality sea product

Komicx has a state-of-the-art NRCS, EU, FSA and GACC approved fresh and frozen fish processing factory in Kommetjie. The factory is also approved as Kosher and Halal. Komicx is a completely self-sufficient fishing enterprise from catching, transporting, processing to exporting and other sales. 

In St Francis Bay Striker Fishing Enterprises (a subsidiary of Komicx) operates an NRCS and EU approved factory where all of our own squid as well as other rights holders are processed, stored and loaded out for export.

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As we navigate the open waters and strive for excellence in the seafood industry, we remain committed to investing in cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices that respect our oceans and the delicate ecosystems within them. Our fleet is a reflection of our continuous pursuit of providing you with the freshest, ethically caught seafood while upholding our dedication to the environment and its preservation.

Come aboard and join us in supporting sustainable fishing and enjoying the ocean’s bounty, responsibly harvested for your culinary delight.

For inquiries or to learn more about our fleet and practices, feel free to contact us.

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